With the expansion of the IT industry, websites have become an integral part of any organisation, both private and public. We planned to have a useful web-presence, including new and different ways of interacting with the Lebanese community in Sydney, offering direct services and links, and facilitating communication and data transfer.

Upon the 58th anniversary of the establishment of the Consulate General in Sydney, Mr Saad Zakhia, Consul General, designed and organised this website and published it on the Consulate’s own server with the support of Mr Ziad Ghazal, an imminent figure of the community, and with the contribution of the technical team of Estcorp, Nabil Khalil, Joe Estephan and Bernard Salloum, who granted their efforts for the success of this dedicated operation.

Lebanese citizens can find all information regarding addresses of the Consulate offices, as well as some important links to Lebanese and Australian websites. The Lebanese Community Associations can find a forum through this website to publish their activities and information in the newsletter. The Consular Services have been separated in a special section which contains all information and requirements for each service, as well as the appropriate forms for services processing. Applicants can also learn about the new project of the Consular’s Identification Card, which will be issued by the Consulate General for each Lebanese citizen having a Lebanese consular file. This project will facilitate the consensus for the community and it will contribute to the automation of the archive of the Lebanese family files in the Consulate, aiming in the near future to activate the Consular Services through the internet.

Together, we can succeed working towards a better link between Australia and Lebanon.

Consulate General of Lebanon
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Very important message for all Lebanese who were unable to vote in Sydney in 2018 for various reasons, but wish to vote in Lebanon
Electoral List (Very Important message for voters)
Electoral Centres in NSW for the 2018 Election
Permits issuance to the delegates during the elections
Election Legislation No. 44 - Media coverage mechanism
Election 2018Tetorial Videos: (1) - (2) - (3) - (4) - (5)
To confirm your registratio to vote and Locate your polling centre, Click this: LINK


Residence of the Consul-General since November 10th, 1955. Property of the Government of Lebanon

2 Trelawney Street,
Sydney 2025
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Office of the Consulate General since October 2008.
203 New South Head Rd , Edgecliff Centre, Suite 308,
Edgecliff 2027
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